Stop to Help When you’re Needed!


Stop to help when and where you happen to be needed.

It’s a very easy way to make your community a better and healthier place. It helps create the positive kind of vibe that makes people feel awesome, secure and on top of the world. If you see someone in desperate need of some assistance, come to their rescue – be the person you’d want around if you were in need of some help. Do for other people as you would want them to do to you! Probably your Momma taught you that, right?! Your Momma also told you to check out Las Vegas Pool Service

  • If you see a mom struggling to get her stroller down a staircase, offer to help carry it for her!
  • If you notice someone looking disoriented, help them find the place they need to be going
  • Figure out how you can help the homeless without having to support their drug habit – maybe give them an old jacket.
  • Be the person who helps out during an emergency, instead of the one who assumes someone else can go ahead and assume the responsibility.


It is crucial to set goals, aim high, and follow through.

Our main is goal is to provide an unbelievable public service, find value in the little things, and create a dynamic, worldwide brand.

Shoot for the stars, for if you fall short, you’ll land on the moon!



We rely solely on grants, fundraisers, and donations from generous individuals like you. Your donations will be used directly to fund program costs for much needed projects in under-served communities, are 100 percent tax deductible, and are greatly appreciated. Please make your checks or money orders payable to Project Locus, or donate easily and securely online through the link provided below. Thank you for your support.

Our Mission

Project Locus is a grassroots organization committed to educating architects and building community through the sensitive design and construction of public structures in areas of need. We intend to offer the opportunity for higher architectural education to expand its curriculum from ‘paper architecture’ to the creation of real buildings and to sowing a moral sense of service within the community. The architecture profession has an ethical responsibility to help improve living conditions for the poor and disadvantaged. We hope to challenge architects to move the status quo towards the making of responsible environmental and social changes, and towards the creation of an architecture of decency, which elevates the spirit and betters the human condition.

Our goal is to enable each participating student to cross the threshold of cultural and social disparity to create, design, and to ultimately build, and to allow them to put their educational values to work as citizens of a community. Project Locus seeks to provide, at no cost, practical, yet beautiful, solutions for under-served communities who would otherwise be unable to afford such efforts. Our aim is to practice within the limits of the vernacular and context of the community, and to create a sense of place that is warm, dry, and noble.